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      熱敏紙(Thermal Paper):又被稱為熱敏傳真紙、熱敏記錄紙、熱敏復印紙。熱敏紙是一種加工紙,其制造原理就是在優質的原紙上涂布一層“熱敏涂層”(熱敏變色層)。在傳真機上作為文字和圖形的通訊載體,即當成傳真紙;在醫療、測計系統中作為記錄材料,如心電圖紙、熱工儀器記錄紙等;應用于超市小票、彩票、銀行ATM機等網絡終端的單聯打印紙;在商業活動方面,用來制作商標、簽碼等等。江河現已推出不含雙酚A



      熱敏紙(Thermal  Paper):又被稱為熱敏傳真紙、熱敏記錄紙、熱敏復印紙。熱敏紙是一種加工紙,其制造原理就是在優質的原紙上涂布一層“熱敏涂層”(熱敏變色層)。在傳真機上作為文字和圖形的通訊載體,即當成傳真紙;在醫療、測計系統中作為記錄材料,如心電圖紙、熱工儀器記錄紙等;應用于超市小票、彩票、銀行ATM機等網絡終端的單聯打印紙;在商業活動方面,用來制作商標、簽碼等等。江河現已推出不含雙酚A熱敏紙產品,質量已得到客戶認可。江河紙業熱敏紙有普通熱敏紙系列,包括不含雙酚A普通熱敏紙,三防、單防系列,彩票系列,用于客戶加工生產普通熱敏小卷、物流、超市標簽,票證、彩票等。

      其中44克、45克普通熱敏紙,2013年開始銷售,2016年通過制漿造紙研究院檢測中心打印測試,在2臺EPSON TM-T188IV打印機上分別打印150km, 打印后打印機性能正常,打印質量不受影響。全球范圍內,目前僅有三家紙廠可生產如此低克重的普通熱敏紙。

      Thermal paper is originally termed as thermal fax paper or thermal recording paper. The paper is coated with a colorless formula, which will develop an image by the application of heat. The paper may be used as fax paper on fax machines, as thermal recording paper on cardiographic or industrial recording devices, or converted to ATM rolls or POS rolls for ATM or Place of Sale applications. Thermal paper with additional top-coat or semi top-coat may be used for logistic and supermarket labels, lottery tickets, train tickets, and many other applications.

      JiangHe Paper is a leading  supplier for many Chinese and foreign converters for their thermal paper requirements, we deliver to our customers regular thermal paper, incl. BPA-free thermal paper, top-coated or semi top-coated thermal paper, and lottery grade topcoat thermal paper, from which our customers make ATM/POS rolls, logistic and supermarket labels, lottery and admission tickets. 

      Our HN-JH-44/45 regular thermal paper, marketed since 2013, was printer tested in 2016 at China P&P Research Institute test center, the two EPSON TM-T188IV test printers exhibited the same good performance without loss of print quality after printing on each printer 150km  in length of our HN-JH-44/45. Today only two competition paper mills worldwide could produce this low substance thermal paper.